February 4, 2014

     Mesaj de la o prietenă plecată peste hotare, un mesaj drăguț! Mulțumesc!                                   

     Never thought I live the day to write about my feeling for somebody… I’m not much of a words person; I’m more of a show what you feel kind of person.

     Now the thing is that in order for me to like a person one must show me that they have something really special, something worthwhile.

     This one person to whom I address these words is someone very warm hearted and maybe one of the few people that never disappointed me and somehow, deep down inside, I know that he will never do so.

     Though we’ve known each other for a lifetime basically (almost seven years) and we have had our ups and downs, I never stopped caring for him. Believe it or not I’d do anything to make this guy smile, and I know that this is the moment when everyone will think “Oh, boy, she is head over heels for this guy!”. I’m telling you to chill cause through all this time that we have known each other we had nothing but time to maybe. I love him a lot as a friend and, like I said, I would do anything to see him happy because I know that he would do the same and I feel that he is honest and sweet and caring.

     As a matter of fact, there were lots of small gestures that made me feel that I could trust him, I could truly be myself around him, and I am truly grateful that I have such a terrific person in my life!

     So you see he is an amazing person, he is passionate especially when it comes to dancing and I just love watching him move around like he owns the place. 😀 At one point he was cute enough to try to teach me a few moves… but I’m a lost cause… so I’ll stick to my stuff  while he works his magic.

     All this is not like all the friendship crap you see on the World Wide Web, I truly mean every word I say and even the ones that remain unspoken. You are really someone worth sticking up for, and no matter what happens you will always have me by your side to pick you up if you fall down or to be the one that is proud of you when something goes right.

     One thing that amazed me in this guy is the fact that he is so loyal, and how he would never hurt a person he cares about, or at least not intentionally… All I know is that though we are friends I am very lucky to have him around and that every girl would be lucky to have a guy like him in her life and he really is one in a million…

     These are just a few of the things that I noticed in him, but there are dozens others. I only wish that I could take all his pain away and make him feel good again because he deserves to be happy, truly happy. But we’ll take baby steps, ma’ Cherie… 

                 Don’t ever change!     B.D.


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