January 3, 2014

I’ve been thinking about every little thing that happened in 2013,good moments,but also bad moments too.I can’t believe sometimes people don’t realize the good things that i’m allways trying to do for them.
To be honest i’m dissapointed because many people in bad moments or in angry moments are doing a lot of bad things,and from this kind of stories you can mistake in front of your friends.Sometimes i feel that i got to help people to understand me,i was a difficult man a few years ago,but if i had to accomplish a work or..i don’t know,a jobe..i made it to the final! In this freaking life you have to admit that if you wanna have a good friend or a lover (just saying) you have to accept it as he is,of course the most important thing is to trust him,but a lot of people have problems with naivety ,i’m trying to make people understand that you can’t judge somebody just because was angry or …he care a lot about you,and he made a mistake .
I’m a changed man now,but don’t lose hope,be a strong man,time will help you fix those problems ,and show the people who you really are!
You have to think a lot , and then to take your decisions,i gave attention,affection,every little good thing from this world to make that person understand that she’s everything to me,now i’m standing on a couch and searching for solutions to make people understand that you can’t loose trust in someone just because he made a bad thing in stress or angry.I stepped on everything to make that person understand ,on my honor ,to my everything,but probably i have to let that person to realize on her own and that’s what i’m gonna do.
A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation,doesn’t always need togetherness,as long as the relationship lives in the heart,true friends will never part! Let me ask you a question…how you react when somebody tell’s you something about you and he’s wrong? i hate this shit man! i hate it from the bottom of my hearth,i feel down because when a bad thing just happened be sure that they are more .I can only prey to God to help her understand that was a mistake and it’s not what it looks like 🙁
I hope this gonna be a good year and all my wishes became true ! And also for those who are reading my blog,i wish you the best , and to have a better year with a lot of happy moments in your live’s

Remember on thing! “Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them …”.

  greetings !     Respect 

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