January 3, 2014


     I’ve been thinking about every little thing that happened in 2013, good moments but also bad moments. I can’t believe sometimes people don’t realize the good things that I’m always trying to do for them.

     To be honest, I’m disappointed because many people do a lot of bad things in bad or angry moments, and from this kind of stories you can make mistakes in front of your friends. Sometimes I feel that I have to help people to understand me. I was a difficult person a few years ago, but if I had to accomplish a work or I don’t know, a job… I made it to the final! In this freaking life you have to admit that if you want to have a good friend or a lover (just saying!) you have to accept him/her as he/she is. Of course the most important thing is to trust him/her, but a lot of people have problems with naivity. I’m trying to make people understand that you can’t judge somebody just because he/she was angry or he/she cares a lot about you and he/she made a mistake. I’m a changed man now. Don’t lose hope, be a strong person and time will help you fix those problems and show the people who you really are! You have to think a lot before taking any decision. I gave attention, affection and every little good thing from this world to make that person understand that she’s everything to me… Now I’m standing on a couch searching for solutions to make people understand that you can’t lose trust in someone just because he made a bad thing out of stress or anger. I stepped on everything to make that person understand but probably I have to let that person realize on her own and that’s what I’m going to do.

     A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation, doesn’t always need togetherness as long as the relationship lives in the heart. True friends will never be apart! Let me ask you a question: how do you react when somebody tells you something about you and he’s wrong? I hate this shit! I hate it from the bottom of my hearth! I feel down because when a bad thing happens, rest assured that they are more. I can only pray to God to help her understand that it was a mistake and it’s not what it looks like. 🙁

     I hope this going to be a good year and all my wishes became true! And for those that are reading my blog, I wish you all the best and to have a better year with a lot of happy moments in your lives.

     Remember one thing: “Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them…”.



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